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Wildcats Athletics

West Ashley High School


Wildcats Athletics

West Ashley High School

Wildcats Athletics

West Ashley High School

Girls Varsity Cheerleading

Team News.

Team News

4 months ago @ 5:05PM by Kelly LaCock

2020-2021 Team Rosters


1. Brianna Heffner

2. Sara Robertson

3. Emily Sisson

4. Kinsey Carney

5. Anna Schwerin

6. Laicee Kersey

7. Tonazia Benson

8. Lilly Miller

9. Miracle McCoy

10. Tynasia Seger

11. Taliyah Fenner

12. Carley Hendricks

13. Betty Anne Sawyer

14. Emma Brown

15. India Porter

16. Alexis Burnell

17. Alexis Singleton

18. Ja'Leah Summers

19. Riley Alexander

20. Camellia Williams



1. Emma Steinmyer

2. Avah Beareguard

3. Jenna Jones

4. Elise Fossi

5. Lyla Carpenter

6. Elizabeth Dabit

7. Ty’Reana Francis

8. Jenna Huser

9. Ricoya Jordan

10. KeyAjah Ladson

11. Kassidy Mitchell

12. Savana Morant

13. Ainsley Register

14. Melea Stewart

15. Malasha Williams

16. Reagan Ziebell

Team News

4 months ago @ 8:09PM by Kelly LaCock

Tryouts for 2020-2021 Season

We will be hosting tryouts for the 2020-2021 season within the next couple of weeks. To begin the tryout process please join our Google classroom. The Google classroom contains our tryout material as well as important documents that will need to be completed prior to trying out for our Varsity and JV teams. 


Please follow the following steps: 


  1. Join the Google classroom with your CCSD student Gmail account. Code: j4y4izm
  2. Fill out tryout registration form, upload S2 report card, cumulative GPA (high schoolers only), and tryout essay in Google classroom. 
  3. Complete all forms on This includes an updated sports physical using the physical form provided. 
  4. Complete Covid-19 waiver signed by parent/guardian, if student athlete has a pre-existing condition doctor clearance form must be completed.


Please email with any further questions. 


All forms can be found on our Team Links page. 


We look forward to seeing everyone at tryouts. 


Go Wildcats!


Kelly LaCock, Varsity Coach (


Jennifer LaFitte, JV Coach (
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